Mother's Day

I have always been deeply moved by the strength, sensitivity, and connectivity of women. One of the ways we connect is through the things we wear. Since launching Maman Atelier, I have had the incredible opportunity to connect with so many beautiful, strong, creative, and powerful women. Every day I look forward to finding those new connections and nurturing the ones I have.

I used to teach prenatal yoga. I was drawn to it because when I attended a class to learn more, I found myself immersed in an otherworldly space of nourishment, respect, and solidarity—what happens when women gather and bond over shared experience. Having no children myself, I still felt that I could relate to many of the struggles these women experienced. The spirit of Maman extends far beyond the conventional definition of motherhood. The women who inspire me are nurturing in subtle and powerful ways. Raising children is one cadre of mothering, and there are also many others.

I love lingerie because it’s all about the woman who wears it. It’s not something she puts on display for the world to see. It’s underneath the surface. For me, lingerie isn’t about shaping, correcting, or making women more desirable. It’s about self-love. To wear lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and sexy in your body is a beautiful gift to yourself.


Wishing all the Mamas out there a happy Mother’s Day <3












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