Mask Safety

Our Simple Masks are not intended to replace N95s, medical masks, or respirators. They are in no way substitutes for medical PPE. The mask is a simple cloth mask made from two unique layers of organic cotton and may be worn per the CDC’s April 2020 suggestion to wear cloth masks. As such:

  • Users should wash mask after each and every use.
  • Do not touch, manipulate, or overly adjust the mask once placed on the face.
  • Users should not feel emboldened through the use and presence of these masks (as a rule of caution, always operate as if you do not have a mask on).
  • Users of these products should always follow the strictest social-distancing guidelines and procedures as outlined by the Center for Disease Control always maintaining at least six feet of distance from individuals.


Maman Atelier and the designers and makers of these masks are in no way responsible for the use, misuse, health, illness, or death of the users of these masks. We are in no way liable for any illness or damages that may be incurred during use of these products.