Nuage Camisole

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Whisps of cotton candy floating through the air at the fair, ocean froth enveloping the shoreline, a bakery window brimming with blooming meringues… the Nuage Set is lightness in lingerie. 

The Nuage Camisole has a subtle sweetheart neckline with a gathered center seam. The softly elasticated waist creates an airy, blouson silhouette. This top is made from sheer, featherweight 100% organic cotton jersey fabric with delicate silk taffeta double-ribbon straps tied at the shoulders. The raw-edge hem adds a touch of salt to the saccharine. The Nuage Camisole was made for dreaming. Pairs perfectly with the Nuage Culotte.

Noir – rich, natural black. 100% organic cotton sheer crepe jersey
Veil – warm, milky white. 100% organic cotton sheer featherweight jersey

Handmade to order in Albuquerque, NM, USA.


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