Some years ago, I took up the task of scanning my grandparents’s old photo-albums from my father’s side in southern France. Over many months, I uncovered a trove of wonderful candid photos of the two of them traveling the world together. I was particularly drawn to my grandmother, Nicole, or “Maman,” as my father always referred to her. Whether on the beach in Provence or sitting at a café somewhere in Latin America, she embodied a profound sense of joie-de-vivre. I obsessed over her incredibly chic sense of style—something I seek to emulate to this day—so full of ease while also refined and intentional. Sitting with these photos, her awesome aura stuck with me, and deep down I knew it would eventually grow into something.

Years later, after dropping out of fashion school, I began creating bras and underwear of a level of comfort, quality, and style I couldn’t find elsewhere. I wanted something perfectly suited for my own body but that I could also imagine living in my grandmother’s drawer or suitcase as depicted in those grainy photos. Her spirit and example are the roots for what has become Maman Atelier today, a studio for lingerie that is timeless, sophisticated, and sexy.

Guided by a love for the earth and responsible, sustainable practices, Maman Atelier creates pieces that are made to last using environmentally-friendly fabrics. Our belief is that garments should be made to endure years of well-loved wear, and with proper care, can become more beautiful with time.

Like a great pair of jeans or a gorgeous lipstick, the right lingerie makes a world of a difference in how you feel. It is my hope that these pieces make you feel beautiful, comfortable, sexy, and that they inspire as much joie de vivre in your life as they do in mine.