Some years ago, I had undergone the task of scanning my family’s old photo-albums from my father’s side in southern France. I uncovered a trove of wonderful candid photos of Nicole, my grand-maman. Whether on the beach in Provence, or traveling the world with Grand-papa, she embodied joie-de-vivre in utter style. I obsessed over her incredibly chic sense of style, so full of ease and comfort, yet, so refined and intentional. Her spirit became the spark for Maman, which is how my Papa refers to her. The name stuck with me. I knew it would eventually grow into something. Years later, I began channeling my grandmother's aura while creating bras and underwear that I could imagine her wearing, but also suited for myself. The result: underwear that is timeless, sophisticated, and sexy.

Maman Atelier is a nod to a time when clothes were well made from fabrics with integrity. Garments endured years of well-loved wear, becoming more beautiful with time. These are the clothes my grandmother wore, and it is she who I keep in mind with each new design.

Since my days as an art student, I have always been deeply moved by the strength, sensitivity, and connectivity of women. This is something I continue to explore and something that inspires me daily. I believe every body is uniquely beautiful, and I want to help others feel that beauty within their own bodies. The right lingerie can make a world of a difference in the morning and set a positive tone for a more confident day. This is precisely how I feel when I wear my Maman Atelier pieces.