care instructions


It's important to wash your lingerie regularly to maintain suppleness of the fabric. Please wash your bras after every 1-2 wears, and panties after every wear.

Hand washing is the gold standard for the longevity of delicate garments including lingerie. However, it is perfectly fine to throw your bras and panties in the wash. Be sure to wash with cold water only and preferably the gentle cycle. You may also use a delicates bag. Please DO NOT put them in the dryer. Always hang dry or lay to dry on a flat surface.

*Washing your clothes using only cold water and skipping the dryer is also much less energy intensive. It’s a great way to reduce your energy use and costs.


Elastic needs time to recover after being stretched for a prolonged amount of time. To keep it supple, please alternate the wear of your bras by not wearing the same one every day. If you do, you’ll start to notice some wear in the form of ruffling or puckering, which, unfortunately cannot be reversed. At a certain point, this is inevitable, but the process can be delayed by regularly giving your favorite bra a break, or by purchasing multiples and alternating them.