When I set out to make undergarments, my first priority was to develop the most sustainable pieces possible.

I use organic cotton because it is healthier for the land and uses significantly less water to produce than conventional cotton. It is also soft, breathable, and 100% natural—which is what I prefer to have against my skin.

I use 100% recycled paper packaging that is itself reusable, recyclable, and compostable. I am intentional about my material usage and utilize as little paper as possible in operations. When available, I choose recycled supplies and keep waste to a minimum.

I currently design, cut, and sew all Maman Atelier pieces in my studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As Maman Atelier grows, I look forward to partnering with like-minded people who prioritize ethical and sustainable production methods.

Sustainability is something that is a constant work in progress. It is a give and take process and impossible to get it perfectly. I am always looking to improve and will continue to work toward building a business that can have a positive impact on the earth.